Our Services

1. Detailed Design and Optimization

Detailed Design & Construction

Geoinventions have been responsible for the detailed design and construction for some large scale projects. With our personalized service and collaborative approach with clients.


Temporary Works Design

Geoinventions has extensive experience in temporary works design and has a strong reputation for the reliable delivery of cost effective engineering solutions .

5. Instrumentation & Monitoring

Instrumentation & Monitoring

Geoinventions have prepared comprehensive instrumentation and monitoring programs on several large scale infrastructure projects to identify any areas of concern prior to construction of the full project such as ground settlement, pore water pressure, horizontal deflections etc.

4. Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision & Project Management

Our geotechnical design site representatives have more than 20 years experience in the field and can make key decisions on site allowing minimal disruption to the construction program therefore preventing costly delays.

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Tender Design & Optimization

Due to our strong technical competency and our ability to visualize design risk, Geoinventions often provide optimized constructible designs mainly to the Contractors.